• HD700 Series Drifters Features & Benefits

  • Combines powerful penetration with agility and easy operation.

  • Integrated drilling system is comprised of all-hydraulic controls and a reactive damper control system, which work together to accommodate changing rock conditions.

  • The hydraulic controls automatically adjust impact and feed force, while the damper control system regulates pressure based on rock hardness.

  • Dual damper system maximizes energy transfer to produce straighter holes.

  • Compact valve design provides rapid valve and piston response for enhanced performance.

  • Easy to maintain accumulators feature long-life diaphragms

  • Rugged, dirt-resistant in-line shuttle valve requires little maintenance.

  • New variable-stroke piston is designed to maximize energy transmission, delivering optimum drill performance in a variety of rock types.

  • Unique dual-damper system provides straighter holes and increased drill tool life.

  • Internally lubricated front-head means no oiler to fill and no bearings to grease.

The CD200 Air Track Drill is a self-propelled pneumatic crawler drill that can be used for both DTH and drifter drilling. It maintains a simple and lightweight design that is easy to operate and maintain.

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