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DTH Drill

DTH Drill
DTH DrillDTH Drill

The DACHS is a drilling unit which is perfect for use on rough terrain and at high slope. The tubular frame has a wide support base and is equipped with three adjustable feet that allow it to adapt to the unevenness of the terrain. Additionally, the option to turn them 90 ° allows for an easy lateral translation.

The DACHS can be equipped with a pneumatic or hydraulic rotation motor (for use in DTH drilling), or with a top hammer rock drill for smaller holes.

The pneumatic feed is powered by a piston engine which provides a push/pull force of 850Kg (1870lb).  A hydraulic version is also available.

Drill Sled:

  • High slope capability - up to vertical
  • 211kg total weight
  • Three alligned feet adjust for easy positioning or turning 90°  for easy lateral movement

Rotation Motor:

  • Ideal rotation head for DTH hammers up to 3", and drilling holes from 70mm to 105mm diamter
  • Torgue up to 80kg
  • 35kg weight

Pneumatic Drill Slide:

  • Pneumatic piston feeding motor
  • Chain driven
  • 80kg weight
  • Can be fitted with various drill options

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