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Winkie Exploration Drill

The Winkie Exploration Drill can be carried by two men in the field, and is readily transported by helicopter to remote and rugged drill sites. The Winkie drill is capable of drilling and retrieving core from holes in excess of 300 feet in depth! 

Powered by a 10hp, 2 cycle engine, the Winkieis the ideal drill for hard to reach places. Due to the vacuum carburation system, the Winkieperforms efficiently at any angle and at high altitudes. Variable drilling speeds, achieved by a two-speed transmission.

The Winkie's unipress enables the operator to apply steady pressure with minimum exertion. Operator fatigue is reduced by 50% contributing to more economical operation.


The Lightweight aluminum tri-pod, with hand winch, is an important tool for increasing operation speed and reducing operator fatigue.

Auger Reduction Unit attaches to the Winkie and is optimal for shallow drilling and quick soil exploration. It is also ideal for drilling casing into difficult overburden to depths of 100’.

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